Super Huge Question:

In Pilot, or one of the early episodes, Finn’s father is a loser. He got his mom pregnant who was madly in love with him, and he couldn’t support the family. Then his father ran off with a blonde girl as Carole threw milk after him at his car.

All of a sudden, Finn had a noble father who fought in the war and then got addicted to drugs.

Am I making all of this up, or when did this happen?

  1. anotherquestionunfolds answered: nooo that wasnt his dad.. that was someone his mother was seeing :P
  2. horrorpointseven answered: That was his mum’s boyfriend, not father :) This has probs already been answered though, sorry love.
  3. mykindofnerdy answered: that was his mom’s boyfriend after his dad died.
  4. cassassybitch answered: I think that was just some guy who used to paint their lawn green, and Finn looked up to him because he could rock out or some shit like that
  5. badlittlelostboy answered: that wasn’t his father, that was theocrats guy Carole had a crush on.
  6. abbylynne answered: No the man that Carole threw the milk at was the guy who ran “Emerald Dreams” which was a company that makes lawns green. Not Finn’s dad.
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